Are you a first-time home buyer or a seasoned home owner? My name is Michelle Webber and I’m here to help you navigate your mortgage options. I’ll not only be your cheerleader as we go through the process, but I’m also willing to take the time to teach you anything you want to know about mortgages.

Being the oldest of 4 children made me a responsible, organized, problem-solver. Needless to say, I have no problem taking the reins! One of the main reasons I love my job as a mortgage agent is because I am driven to help others achieve their goals and find happiness. When a client has finished the last step of mortgage approvals, it is pure bliss. I guess you could call me an inspiration–junky; I live for helping others achieve their dreams, especially when that means the house of their dreams!

While I am one-part business woman, I’m also a wife and a mother. I know how important it is to make the best decisions you can for your family, which is why I’m here to guide you through the maze of pre-approvals, lenders, terms, best mortgage rates, and just what it takes to get a mortgage approved. I’m here to work for YOU – not the banks, and my services are almost always free! Your success in getting the mortgage you need becomes my success also. I’d love to brag about your mortgage win like any proud parent, but I practice “the vault”. This means I won’t be posting any cute photos of you and your new home on social media – your information stays in “the vault”. I so love and appreciate my satisfied clients’ testimonials (and you can find a bunch if you Google my name), but your new mortgage and house are your special life moments. I’ll leave it up to you to share those with your friends and family however you see fit.

My goal is to help you get the best mortgage you can and am willing to explain how mortgages work so you can feel confident in your decision. Or, if you’d rather just save your headspace to do what you do, you can be confident that I’ve got your back and will make sure everything is taken care of. My clients are my number one priority and I pride myself on providing a completely individualized experience. While I’m thrilled to meet clients in person, many of my clients are relieved to hear that the entire process can also be completed online, by phone, and via email. You don’t need to take time off work for an appointment until you sign your mortgage papers.

Choose me to be your mortgage agent and we can get started on building your future together!



I’m excited to announce that on August 13th, I’m going to face my fear of heights and take part in the Make-a-Wish Rope for Hope by repelling 35 storeys down the side of Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto. Funds raised help grant a wish for a family facing a life-threatening childhood illness. I know from personal experience that sometimes the best medicine is JOY.

This has been a long time coming – the initial date of June 5th, 2020 had to be postponed due to COVID. Thank you to Chris Baker and Mortgage Magnates for hosting Veronica Love, Barbara Cook and myself in their podcast last year to talk about why people from different companies and brands are working together to grant wishes for children and their families. I share a bit about my personal journey with our son and why this cause holds a lot of meaning for me.—The-Women-Wish-Granters-Join-Us–Veronica-Love–Barbara-Cook-and-Michelle-Webber-talk-about-Giving-Back-eaolhu?fbclid=IwAR2–oCztmN8zp11LlG3xJpfW7HSgDMCsE4Umb9WAW2KPGa6l1grEAh56sM

If you’d like to donate you can find the link here:


Thanks everyone who has supporting me so far. You are helping to create lasting memories and healing joy for a family who is facing an uphill battle and fighting for their child’s life.