8 Mar

Happy International Women’s Day!


Posted by: Michelle Webber

Happy International Women’s Day! Sharing stories, lending a helping hand and standing together are the easiest ways we can make an impact on others. In the spirit of sharing stories, advice and strength, I wanted to highlight some things I’ve learned from reading about Arlene Dickinson.

Always on the lookout for helpful articles, I searched for pieces of Arlene’s advice that relate to women in business and compiled five of my favorite lessons. Whether you are a business owner, a passionate employee, or public figure, these five lessons will resonate with your daily struggles and hopefully empower you too!

Be authentic:

 “One of the biggest mistakes women can make in business happens when, in an effort to conform to a man’s world, we either ignore or quiet our own unique thinking and approach. Leading like who we are is our advantage, not our disadvantage, and it’s time to start believing that.”

“My dad used to tell me that I would be a lot less worried about what others thought of me if I knew just how little they did. Everyone is too busy thinking about their own lives to think long about yours. Live your best life-not caring as much what others think of it. Be you.”

Stop undervaluing yourself:

 The biggest mistake women make is not asking for more compensation. In many articles, Arlene brings up a lack of confidence and undervaluing that we do without even realizing it, particularly when a stay-at-home parent is returning to the workforce. Many of the skills we learn at home – managing a budget, conflict resolution, project management, dealing with emotions – are very valuable tools in a workplace. If we first recognize our value, we can then fight for what we’re worth because we will believe it.

Craft your own definition of success:

“Success has always meant challenging myself by doing what I thought I couldn’t do. My definition is very personal: it means the ability to look at myself in the mirror and be able to like who I am and feel like I have really pushed myself to do things that I didn’t think were possible. It’s never been a financial number. It’s more feeling like I’ve lived my life fully.”

Slow down and Mute the noise:

In today’s fast-paced society, there is so much noise and distraction, and we often forget to take a break to regain perspective and refocus our goals and priorities. “While it’s important not to shut off the rest of the world entirely, it’s worth it to work at your own needs ahead of others from time to time.”

“If you’re personally satisfied, you’ll satisfy everyone else.”

Share your stories:

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from Arlene is the importance of sharing stories that have made you the woman you are. According to an Inside Halton article, Arlene explained: “we’re so busy texting our way through life, we forget the richness of the heritage we have and we forget to pass those traditions down…to pass that thinking down; to articulate the lessons we learned the hard way so that others might learn from us.”

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